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My Hopes and Dreams by PurpleCupcakes My Hopes and Dreams by PurpleCupcakes
Its been months since Iíve finished a painting. Its been months since I wanted to paint or draw. I kept waiting for the urge to strike but it didnít. I tried to force it but nothing turned out right.

And then, late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, it hits and in less then two days I get this. And I like it. It looks pretty, the flow is good and the hair looks somewhat like hair for once in my artistic life.

Art blocks are weird.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and mouse.
Time: Less then two days.
Reference photo: [link]
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TheLastHuzzah Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
I love the lighting from the orb, it's the first thing I noticed about this image. As the last commenter mentioned, the other lighting could use some more thought and more work, but you have the general anatomical lighting down nicely. Her face and hair are great, nice style, I particularly like the shading on the hair. As for the background, snce in a previous comment you siad you weren't sure where exactly she should be, maybe try an underground cave-type scene using dark blues and purples to help blend her in to the scene. This is then open to interpretation - she could have found the orb in the rocks, or she could have conjured it, etc - so it's more interactive with the audience. A background like rocks will also give the opportunity to really play up reflective lighting from the orb and her dress. Hope that helps! :D
PurpleCupcakes Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Student General Artist
First life gets in the way and makes you to busy to comment, and now its done it to me! I’m a week late! :ohnoes: I think the fates might be plotting against us. :paranoid:

Anyway. I’m glad to hear you like her hair and the orb, they were really fun to do and I really like your idea for the background and setting. Its not something I’d ever do, because caves freak me out, but it sounds like it’d be a perfect fit.

Thank you very much for commenting! =)
NekoMarik Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

First off, the central image of the woman pulls you in, but she seems separated from the background- like the background was just thrown in there to be there. They just don't all. As for the woman herself, the shading is good, although the type of fabric her dress seems to be made of is usually a lot more flowy and full of shadows- which, of course, are annoying to do, and I don't blame you for doing a straight flow out. But it does look odd, so maybe adding a texture of some sort is in order. And now, the hair. I love it. Maybe the lighting needs more definition, but the hair itself is realistic and well-painted. Her back, though...there's very little shadow. Her dress has all sorts of shadows, but her back only has shading from her bones. It's as though her back and the dress have completely different light sources. The glowing orb, too, looks good, but maybe needs to have a better background so the setting can be seen.
All in all, the work is decent and shows promise. You need to work on shading cloth, and the background makes the image look unfinished, like a WIP shot, but it seems that you've got a good handle on anatomy and basic lightning- you just need to bring it all together.
PurpleCupcakes Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Student General Artist
The background looks like it was just thrown in there because it was. I had no idea what kind of background to give this and I’m still clueless on what would have worked. From the start I tried to think up something but nothing seemed to fit. If you have any suggestions on what would have worked I’d love to hear them. Its not likely I’ll go back and change this after all this time but it might be of help on future works.

I see what you mean about the dress, but I worry throwing a texture over a problem area might only make it worse. Its might come off as a cheap fix to hide the problem.

Thank you, I’m quite happy with how her hair turned out. =)

I didn’t even notice the weak lighting. I was to worried about the anatomy of her back being off. ^^;

Thank you very much for the detailed critique. Its very helpful. =)
NekoMarik Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know...when I can't think of a background I usually put matching colours in or find s stock photo that fits the atmosphere. It's easy, and it makes your work look good. XD (Some people would call it lazy, but I refuse to say that.)

Maybe. But like you said, most of the time we never go back and finish pieces, but at least it's a learning experience.

You're welcome! It was my pleasure =)
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November 9, 2011
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